Prime Finance

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Together We'll Move Ahead

together we'll move ahead

Prime Finance started its journey in the year 1996 backed by some leading corporate houses and individual entrepreneurs. Prime Finance’s long-term record of growth and evolution continued since inception. The strength of our balance sheet, together with our pursuit of opportunities for continued growth, led to a range of successful initiatives. The diversity of operations is a key to our strength.


Contribution to National Economy


At Prime Finance we are recognizing that we have certain responsibilities to the development of the society and the country as a whole. We aspire to be known as an institution that builds enduring relationship with and delivers value for our clients, shareholders, employees and the community where we work.


Overview of performance in 2010


Prime Finance delivered a strong performance in 2010. Our net profit after tax was Tk. 1,726.42 million, which crossed more than billion mark in the first time of the Company’s history. Net profit and Earnings Per Share increased by 152.72 percent over the last year.