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Issue Management

Prime Finance Capital Management has a track record of providing issue management service for more than 14 years to our clients across the country. Our unique combination of professionals with deep industry expertise and extensive issue management experience enables us to deliver a consistently high quality of issue management service to our clients countrywide. We offer a full complement of issue management services to publicly traded and privately owned companies.

Scope of Work as Issue Manager

  • Analysis of the financial and capital structure of the Issuer Company

  • Determination of capital structure and the means of finance thereof e.g., by way of issuing new ordinary shares, or issuing right shares, or issuing debentures, etc.

  • Recommend the changes related to RJSC e.g., Name Change, Denomination Change, Private to Public Limited Company etc.

  • Determination of the size of public offering and offer for subscription through Pre-IPO private placement arrangement if any.

  • Preparation and filing of prospectus to SEC 

  • Incorporation of modification suggested by SEC.

  • Obtaining approval from SEC within the stipulated time

  • Preparation of company brief for the Underwriters

  • Selection of underwriters to the Issue

  • Selection of Registrar to the Issue if required

  • Selection of Banker to the Issue

  • Coordination of the post issue work

  • Supervising the distribution of prospectus and application forms to Bankers to the Issue and members of the DSE and the CSE

  • Filing of application for listing with Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. (CSE)

  • Notwithstanding the above, if any other services required but not listed herein above for the effective PUBLIC ISSUE is perform