Prime Finance

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Message from the Managing Director

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

From the very inception, Prime Finance Capital Management Limited's incessant venture has been to maximize the investors' profit. It has been the Board's and Management's assiduous endeavor in mounting the merchant bank as one of the apex merchant banks in the country with a vital compulsion to comprehend and execute the requirements of our valued customers.

At this time, Capital Market of Bangladesh is so far to take part in its latent position as means for financing long term venture. However, the overshadow of an revolting chronological history which axiom a remarkable spreading out in the second half of 1996 and at the end of December 2010 only to be pursued by a radical and stretched downturn has been effectively rise above. A number of measures have been well thought-out by strategists to add profundity to the market. Merchant banking, most recently has been screening the device to accomplish these aims. Even though the notion is not too mature in our country, its prospective of gathering assorted disputes of capital market is soaring.

Prime Finance Capital Management Limited is the subsidiary of a renowned financial institution namely Prime Finance and Investment Limited which is the parent of a prominent financial group namely 'Prime Financial Group'. Under the management of the Company, numerous innovative Companies have been created for endowing with service to customers in diverse vicinities. Now Prime Finance Capital Management Limited is a company for its clientele, shareholders, human resources and the populace all together. We deem that with the assist of the stakeholders, the Company will uphold its rapidity for the advancement in all the compliments.

We desire to be a market topper endowing with incorporated merchant banking solutions with extraordinary focal point on generating worth by functioning intimately with our clientele; by capitalizing on shareholders' possessions to attain advanced performance; by offering a place of work in which human resources are pleased and appreciated as it should be; by shoring up the populace initiative in physical condition, edification, skill and monetary & societal advancement.

Our aspiration is to be an undisputed leader in merchant banking services generating long-standing shareholders' worth aspiring to accomplish these by initiating excellence and strategically balanced investment portfolios; by spotlighting on curtailing default loans within the portfolio and practical diversification of funding sources; by mounting and sustaining trustworthy and long-standing associations with our clientele; by keeping unyielding expansion without compromising effectiveness; by pulling off superior return on equity; by preserving strong interactions with a broad range of allies; by intensifying corporate governance practices; by reacting swiftly to innovative prospects; by evaluating and supervising business risk sensibly.

In the present day, Prime Finance Capital Management Limited is concentrated on fortification and spreading out of financial contributions by launching innovative product and service lines all the way through appropriate variegation and modification of existing products & services for ascertaining utmost market and intensifying building blocks to unite the product and service structure and sustaining stern acquiescence to good governance standards and conventions to make certain long-standing sustainability of the company.

Prime Finance Capital Management Limited recognized itself such a Company which accomplished its operation by being obvious and straightforward to comprehend clientele requirements, by standing next to clients in their hard moment, by offering counsel that facilitates the clients plan for their business growth, by conveying customized explanations wherever the clients necessitates from the Company, by performing excellent return for the shareholders and by creating itself as a Company by preference for its workforces.